Soon-to-be American Already ‘Giving Back’

Soon-to-be American Already ‘Giving Back’

Congratulations to the incredible Corinne Ho! Corinne is the president of the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council and is a wonderful friend.

She joined the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council in 2009 without knowing what its mission was, what her duties would be and today is finishing her last term as President. During her first few months she wanted to quit; only the cajoling of friends kept her going.

Canoga Park NC, like the community it represents is not a walk in the park! It is pretty much a microcosm of Los Angeles, having gone through some traumatic changes in the past. Now, it seems to have found its path. The Board is very representative of the community and includes all ethnicities.  The upscale commercial/retail centers in Woodland Hills and Canoga Park have helped its image and have brought more business to the area.

Boosting participation in the NC elections included producing four different videos using a Yoga Teacher, a Sikh, a homeless person and a Hispanic person, each talking about the importance of the Neighborhood Council. They were posted on Facebook as well as their own web page and it helped promote a good turnout for the elections.

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