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Ray Cole

Elmer Garcia
Vice President

Leonel Fuentes

Lena Ayvazian

Our Current Board Members

Board Member

Email Address

Seat Title

At-Large Representatives

Kyra Edringtonkyraedrington@canogaparknc.orgAt-Large Representative (2025)
Bryan Islasbryanislas@canogaparknc.orgAt-Large Representative (2025)
Duane Galiladuanegalila@canogaparknc.orgAt-Large Representative (2027)
Esteven Barrestevenbarr@canogaparknc.orgAt-Large Representative (2027)
VacantAt-Large Representative (2025)

Home/Condo Owners Representatives

Corinne Hocorinneho@canogaparknc.orgHome/Condo Owners Representative (2025)
Lena Ayvasian
lenaayvazian@canogaparknc.orgHome/Condo Owners Representative (2025)
Vacantcorinneho@canogaparknc.orgHome/Condo Owners Representative (2027)
VacantHome/Condo Owners Representative (2027)

Residential Renters Representatives

Raymond Cole
raycole@canogaparknc.orgResidential Renters Representative (2025)
Nicole Resendiznicoleresendiz@canogaparknc.orgResidential Renters Representative (2027)
Mireira Moranmireiramoran@canogaparknc.orgResidential Renters Representative (2027)
VacantResidential Renters Representative (2025)

Retail/Service Business Representatives

Brian Mallaschbrianmallasch@canogaparknc.orgRetail/Service Business Representative (2025)
Leonel Fuentes
leonelfuentes@canogaparknc.orgRetail/Service Business Representative (2025)
VacantRetail/Service Business Representative (2025)
VacantRetail/Service Business Representative (2027)

Community Service Organization Representative

Mary Patersonmarypaterson@canogaparknc.orgCommunity Service Organization Representative (2027)

Community-Based Organizations Representatives

Michelle Mirandamichellemiranda@canogaparknc.orgCommunity-Based Organizations Representative (2025)
VacantCommunity-Based Organizations Representative (2025)

Senior Group Representatives

Ronald Claryronclary@canogaparknc.orgSenior Group Representative (2027) appointed
VacantSenior Group Representative (2027) appointed

Schools Representative

Elmer Garcia
Vice President
elmergarcia@canogaparknc.orgSchools Representative (2025)

Faith-Based Organizations Representative

VacantFaith-Based Organizations Representative (2027)

Youth Group Representatives

VacantYouth Group Representative (2027) appointed

Appointment to CPNC Board
Do you live, work or own a property in Canoga Park? and you feel passionate about being involved and engaged in the community, the CPNC Board is looking for applicants who are a “Best fit” to fill vacant CPNC Board Seats.

If you are interested in becoming a CPNC Board Member, please review the list of Board Members list above and choose the “Vacant” CPNC Board Seat that best aligns with your interest (s) in our Community.

Please click here for the Application for Appointment form, complete the form, save the form on your PC and email the form to our Board at You will be contacted by email for the next steps in the Appointment process.


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