LA’s Green New Deal Launched This Week

LA’s Green New Deal Launched This Week

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled LA’s Green New Deal this week – a series of practical steps toward creating a more sustainable Los Angeles by the year 2050. The Green New Deal LA will also serve as a global model for upholding the terms outlined in the Paris Agreement in a way that contributes significantly to equitable local economic growth. Points include:

  1. Creation of 400,000 new green jobs by 2050. Since taking office, Mayor Garcetti has already helped create over 35,000 of these new green jobs.
  2. 100% renewable energy by 2045 – LA will move away from our current dependency on natural gas power by not re-powering three coastal power plants and instead investing those funds in our grid. The process of moving LA toward a carbon-neutral future will underwrite 45,000 jobs by 2022.
  3. 100% wastewater recycling – and local sourcing of at least 70% of water used in the City – by 2035
  4. zero waste future, beginning with eliminating all single-use straws and styrofoam containers by 2028, and culminating in no trash being sent to landfills by 2050
  5. Plant 90,000 trees on LA’s streets in the next three years, which will help beautify the city; clean the air; renew our urban forest; and create 2,000 local jobs.
  6. zero carbon buildings mandate, to ensure every public and private building in the City is emissions-free by 2050. The process of achieving this will also support 175,000 jobs locally.

Read more about Mayor Garcetti’s #GreenNewDealLA at

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