Cell Phone Thefts on the Rise in Topanga LAPD Area

Cell Phone Thefts on the Rise in Topanga LAPD Area

Recently, in the Topanga Division, detectives have seen a rise in cell phone thefts. Many of these thefts are believed to be occurring due to “crimes of opportunity.”

With the recent popularity in apps on cell phones that allow customers to pay for purchases via a cell phone app, it is believed that people, more and more are holding their phones, then setting them down on the counter and forgetting them upon walking away with their purchases. Someone sees the cell phone sitting on the counter and instead of doing the right thing and notifying the owner, they take the phone for themselves.

LAPD Topanga Detectives would like to send a friendly reminder to the community to make a mental note to double check before walking away from the counter after making a purchase. Look down at the counter, make sure you have all of your belongings with you.

Wallet? “Check”…
Keys? “Check”….
Cell Phone??….”Check!”

It seems simple, but busy stores can easily be overwhelming, couple that with being in a rush to get somewhere, on top of already having your hands full, and belongings can easily be forgotten. Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder. Take a second, slow down, and double check.

-Los Angeles Police Department Topanga Division

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